Plagiocephaly Pillows

Does your little one have flat head syndrome? Did you know there is a solution in Plagiocephaly Pillows which work to prevent your babies head from becoming misshapen and can help to re-shape the head too if they already have it. Generally an infants skull is perfectly round and symmetrical on both sides. If your babies head isn’t then it’s likely your child is developing flat head syndrome. In most cases a baby will grow out of this but to prevent it even happening you can use a plagiocephaly pillow.

How To Prevent Plagiocephaly

The way to prevent flat head syndrome is to use a plagiocephaly pillow or to continually rotate your infants head. If your baby prefers one side over the other for sleeping then try to change where their head is or to rotate it from time to time. So being aware of your babies preferences can help immensely.

Secondly practice tummy time every day to prevent flat head syndrome as well as help your infant to prepare for new milestones. This will also help strengthen their neck considerably so tummy time is arguably the best preventative measure.

What Causes Plagiocephaly?

An infants skull is very soft and as a result any pressure can affect or alter the shape of it. If you imagine a piece of play doh and leave it positioned on the table for some time it will eventually change shape. This is essentially plagiocephaly and there are a few other things that are directly linked to it including sleep position and time seated.

Sleep position

Due to the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) placing your baby to sleep on their back is the safest option. However, in doing this the shape of your babies skull can change over time and become flat. So while putting baby to sleep on it’s back has reduced signifcantly SIDS it has more than doubled the instance of flat head syndrom.

Time spent in swings, bouncers and car seats

Along with sleeping position if your baby spends extended amounts of time in a swing, bouncer or car seat they are also at risk. For this instance I highly recommend using a plagiocephaly pillow as they are awake the risk of SIDS is very low. basically any time your child is laying on its back and putting pressure on the head. The ideal position as mentioned earlier is the stomach so plenty of tummy time is crucial to preventing flat head syndrome.

Plagiocephaly Pillows

These are a great alternative or tool to use for your baby if it has flat head syndrome. When it comes to shaping a head, the pillow does it all for you as there is a divot or almost hole in the middle where the head sits. This mean there is no constant pressure on one area of the head which is great news of plagiocephaly sufferers! There are many to choose from so be sure to do your research and find the best plagiocephaly pillow for your needs, maybe one that can be used in a car seat, stroller, swing and for bed time.

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